Tuesday, October 4, 2011

An Exciting Opportunity...

Since starting this blog in June, I have really enjoyed writing and sharing my thoughts and views on the Habs with you, my readership.  I've seen the the site grow in popularity and gain more and more readers.

One of those readers happened to be Topham from the well-respected and strongly followed Lions in Winter blog.  As time passed and more articles were written, Topham (after discussing with his team) approached me with the idea of having me help in contributing to their blog.  Considering their excellent reputation and loyal readership, I couldn't pass up on the opportunity to join their team and help add my voice to the talented crew at LiW.

This does not mean the end for 'Big T on the Habs'.  In fact, if anything the plan is ramp up the posts on this blog as we go through our first full season.  However, should there be one or two of you that don't already follow LiW, I would hope that you would go ahead and add LiW to your bookmarks and follow both blogs closely.

So, thank you to Topham and the LiW crew for inviting me over to collaborate with you and thank you for this wonderful introduction.

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