Thursday, September 1, 2011


Yes I know.  I get it.  Jacques Martin is not your ideal coach.  He doesn't get mad when he needs to, he doesn't rip the referees when they deserve to be ripped, he's far too passive, he has no charisma, he has no imagination and no vision.  Defense first, offense optional.  Have we covered all the bases?

What about the 2010 Playoff run, you ask?  Well, don't you remember, the Habs were down 3-1 to that offensive juggernaut known as the Washington Capitals.  And do you remember what happened after that?  A certain Mr. Halak decided that it was going to be his coming out party.  But wait a second, weren't you watching the TSN telecast of the game?  That GM-wannabe, Pierre McGuire, credited the Habs victory in Game 5 in Washington to Kirk Muller.  Come again?  Yep, apparently it was Kirk 'is work' Muller who had the brilliant idea of putting Travis Moen on the top line and that apparently single-handedly changed the whole dynamic of the Montreal attack.  Please!